The emergence of technology and economic growth, as well as the challenges posed by e-governance initiatives, have become common in most countries over time. The emergence of technology and the subsequent increase in cities and population are challenging the effectiveness of a government and, therefore, governance initiatives. The implementation of e-governance solutions can bring a complete transformation of governance processes through state-of-the-art technology that plans and monitors projects, delivers services, and engages citizens without affecting security and privacy.

Analytics for E-Governance The predictive model of public service delivery is the result of public engagement and the establishment of open government. IPMC's expertise lies in creating a framework for the evolving role of government in society, the technological capacity to foster citizen engagement and the use of governance through data analysis.

Expertise in E-governance

Effective governance is extremely important for governments in their respective areas of service. IPMC expertise in this area integrates technology with governance and local and provincial governments to meet new and evolving challenges by delivering citizen-centred services and values.

IPMC helps companies design solutions that can transform governance and help citizens in online services. The areas we can add value include:

  • Electronic Governance Council
    project management
    Change management
    Improvement of business processes
    Capacity building and skills development
    Management of suppliers
    Quality assurance
    IT operations and security


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