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  • We offer solutions for all industries

    We provide state-of-the-art  ERP solutions that offer scalability and flexibility to meet the demands of growing businesses. 
    Our solutions are quickly configurable for various industries and adapt perfectly to your way of working. More than 1,100 companies in 25 countries have benefited enormously and changed their future by choosing ebizframe ERP software.
    Ebizframe ERP provides complete automated business management solutions for the multi-industry ERP software solution.


    ERP Components Ebizframe

    Ebizframe Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software increases a customer's competitive advantage because it is a fully integrated and flexible ERP system that includes a wide range of business functions to increase efficiency, visibility and overall performance. The different components of ebizframe10, the latest version of ebizframe ERP are:

    Finance including budget planning and forecasting, capital assets and costs.
    Sales pre-sales to after-sales service and marketing systems.
    Human capital management including payroll, participation, with employee self-service portal.
    Materials management including imports, storage and transportation.
    Manufacturing including discrete and batch manufacturing functionality, upstream and downstream planning.

    Ebizframe10 is fully SMAC-compliant (social, media, analytics & cloud). Smac is presented as the "nexus of forces" by the experts. This allows an organization to easily reach stakeholders outside the organizational ecosystem. This allows an organization to share common data and implement real-time enterprise-wide best practices and drive meaningful transformations.


Our promise:

Our promise is to transform your business with Ebizframe ERP by achieving:  

  • Operational Excellence: Achieve dramatic improvement in productivity through the use of better systems, processes and tools which are a part of ebizframe ERP as well as excellence in quality and customer service.
  • Managerial EffectivenessBetter and more effective decisions through better information availability, through knowledge of resources available at disposal and through the ability to gain flexibility for deployment of these resources.  
  • Strategic Enablementebizframe ERP Software delivers superior business growth by enabling you to focus your attention on business innovation. Devote less time to the ordinary.



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